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Our symptoms are our messengers, they tell us the things that we are ignoring, overriding or choosing not to see.  If we miss taking the next step in our lives or we are going down a path that does not serve our highest good, we often develop symptoms (physical, energetic, psychological).  The idea is that we will take heed and try to understand what these sacred symptoms are trying to tell us.  Learning to listen to our bodies instead of overriding their messages allows us to be healthier in all ways.




It is imperative for the basic health of a human being that we have a healthy yes and no.  It could be said that our ability to say no to things that come into our energetic field, our lives, our bodies actually defines our immune system.  If that no is still operating at the level of a small child than our immune system is not functioning at the highest of it’s capacity.  Our yes and no must be maturated throughout our lives so that we can be truly function in our relationships, our diet and our society.


The more we live in a YES in our lives, the more we are able to move through things that would have taken us down, with greater ease and the sense that all is truly well in the world.  Once again, learning to listen to our selves, learning one’s yes and no and how to apply them in the world and learning how to effect change are the basic essentials of a happy life.  It allows us to be the “Artist and Creator” of what we experience and is immeasurably satisfying. 


Our yes and our no are not static.  They must be exercised as we would exercise any system of our bodies. 



Live your life as the cause to all that you see and experience.  It is truly a pathway to Freedom and allows one to move into greater elegance in life.


Taking accountability for all of your life (relationships, work, hopes, dreams and fears) so that you can make changes that truly work for you.  Freedom of Choice is the ability to speak and maintain your own yes and no and the ability to turn fully in your life.  How many of us hold back from taking the next steps in our lives or being true to ourselves because we are afraid of hurting another.  The way to truly hurt our loved ones is to not live our lives to the fullest.  In making that choice there is the implication that others should make the same choice, give our selves up for some ideal.  In truth, when we hold back on our own development it adversely effects everyone else, everyone.  When we are willing to take the necessary steps for our fullest development by maturing and updating ourselves we give the greatest gift to everyone.  In relationships, one person giving up their own development is much the same as giving up the vitality and health of the relationship.  Be willing to take your next steps.  




Experiencing both allows us to move forward with grace.  If they are unbalanced we tend towards aggression or sloth.  Their balance brings forth ease and beauty.


This work, the work of our lifetimes, requires us to have infinite patience.  In so doing we can bring our full, loving presence and attention to our selves and others without having to force outcomes or bully.  Utter Urgency is absolutely necessary to our life’s work as it forces us to ever strive for greater capacity, ability, strength, durability, intelligence, elegance, compassion, endurance, creativity and moves us forward on our path.  Utter Urgency without Infinite Patience is aggressive.  Infinite Patience without Utter Urgency is sluggish and banal.  The two together work very much in the way of the yin and yang, they balance each other and allow for the best possible outcome. 




Bringing more of YOU to the world is the greatest gift that you can give.  When we see ourselves as less or more, that simple act creates guilt and shame for having done it or caused it.




This is a natural outcome of being at cause.  There are people who work as though everything outside of them is “other” than them and people who work as though everything outside of them is “one” with them.  Both ways of working can be highly productive.  However, in situations where the problems outside of us feel insurmountable, it is easy to move into seeing ourselves as the victim with regards to others (i.e. spouses, lovers, family members, our culture, our world, whatever faith one may have).  Working from the inside-out allows one to be “at cause” in the world and thereby able to change what is happening for themselves.  Working from the inside-out allows one access to things in a fresh way and allows for greater creativity in one’s life.




The stories that we tell define our experience and help us to live happy, healthy lives or the opposite.  How we describe the world, others or ourselves makes all the difference. 




Consciousness is a choice.  It is that which allows us to rise above the waves or sink beneath them.  We are in either Freedom or Bondage by the choices that we make.




Wherever you place your sacred attention will thrive, whether it be on the things that you adore and that give you great pleasure or upon the things that cause you stress and unhappiness.  What would you prefer to have thrive?




The ability to adapt could be said to define the difference between success and wellness and ill-health and failure.  It seems to be as important to human beings as it is to all of nature.  If we do not adapt we fail.  (“Survival of the Fittest” Charles Darwin) 




Love is the highest expression of all that is that we can give to one another and ourselves.  Looking into the eyes of another when interacting allows a greater possibility of that interchange.  Love holds us to a higher level of behavior.




Upon achieving the ability to walk upright would we then choose to crawl upon this earth?  Why, then, would we choose to have our challenges get easier as we progress?  We all are aware that in order to build muscles we must exercise and that we increase the weights (the challenge) over time so as to continue to remain strong and vital. 


As we move from the stage of the completely dependent infant through childhood and adulthood there is a strange belief that “life should get easier”.  If we are truly on a journey of self discovery and maturation, why would we want to work through simpler problems.  It would be like asking a theoretical mathematician to return to simple math or asking a brain surgeon to work with skinned knees.  The logical outcome of arising to our challenges is that we would be presented with even greater challenges.  Part of being a conscious being is developing and honing our creativity and intelligence so that we are more adaptable to our environment, so that we are more flexible and therefore better able to solve challenges and rise to fully living our lives in ways that are beautiful and elegant.  We all are aware that in order to build muscles we must exercise and that we increase the weights (the challenge) over time so as to continue to remain strong and vital.  This is why we offer consciousness coaching, so that we arise to the challenges of our lives and come through them with greater health and vitality.





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