Long Distance Healing Program

The long distance program has been going on for many years and originally arose out of a desire of several people who were either leaving the area or were undergoing a crisis. It worked extremely well for them and eventually caught on to become a small cadre of people that I work and 'broadcast' with, several times a day.

It seemed like a very natural outgrowth of many years of work, study and experience within the chiropractic and energetic medicine worlds. This program does not work for everybody and yet, those that it does work for, find it rather powerful and supportive. I really love this service and look forward to it every day as part of my practices and routines. I am so glad to be able to help people in this and these ways.

I have recently decided that the cost of the long distance program will be $50/month. Having gone through several variations of the program throughout the years, I want to make this service very easily affordable and doable across a wide spectrum of people. People do ask for consultations and advice outside of the broadcasts which I am happy to provide. Thank you so much for both your interest and involvement. I sure hope it helps!

️                                                                                                                             ~Michael

If you are interested in joining the long distance program please
contact us by text message at (518)567-8809.