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Michael Shaffer, DC


As a licensed Chiropractor in NY since 1983, Michael's practice runs entirely upon referrals and trust.  Through chiropractic adjustments he works to support others in the maintainance of their health and the improvment of their functionality and adaptability.  


In addition to his chiropractic practice Michael offers workshops, classes and trainings in Chatham and throughout the world.


Michael has dedicated his life to excellence and elegance in human performance and consciousness for over thirty years.  Working with thousands of people all over the world he has developed unique, simple and yet profound perspectives and techniques that allow one to have direct understanding and insight into their current condition and state in way that is precise, intense and engaging.  By this process, conscious choice is then available versus habitual unconscious, genetic and cultural patterns.  Michael utilizes principles based on the human nervous system, physiology and energy field to help people to: touch into their natural intelligence, take charge of their attention, and to make changes they have always wanted to make, with grace and finesse, from the inside out.




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