New Patient Appointment

All new patients must make an initial private appointment before coming to walk-ins.  Follow ups after the initial visit are generally private appointments. New patients include those who have not seen Michael for two or more years as well as those who are coming for the first time.

The New Patient appointment is $75.


Walk In Adjustments

Walk in adjustments are $35 per person.  

Children under 18 fees are $15 per child.  


Private Appointments

Private appointment fees are $50 for each 10 minutes of time.  


Monthly Plans

There are monthly plans for walk-in adjustments for those with financial need who see Michael frequently and/or are working intensively with him.  Walk-in monthly plans do not include private appointments.  If Michael needs to see you for a one on one session in addition to walk-ins, the fee is $50/each 10 minutes of time.  Cynthia (518)567-8179 will assist you in creating a financial plan. 


Payment Methods

Payments can be made in the form of cash, check or credit card.  Michael offers credit card payments as a convenience and payment is requested within a week and should be made at least within the month in which Chiropractic care was given.