New Patient Appointment

All new patients must make an initial private appointment so as to establish as a patient.  Follow ups, after the initial visit, are referred to as private appointments and can be booked on this site. New patients include those who have not seen Michael for two or more years as well as those who are coming for the first time.

The New Patient appointment is $200.


Adjustments/Private Appointments

Private appointment fees are $50 for each 10 minutes of time.  

*There are no adjustments available without an appointment at this time of Covid-19.  


Payment Methods

Payments can be made in the form of cash, check or credit card.  Michael offers credit card payments as a convenience.  Feel free to pay online.  Payments made in-person by check, cash or credit card should be made at the time of your session and given directly to Dr. Michael (as Dr. Michael operates his practice solo).  We are also happy to place your credit card on-file and to bill it at the time of service.